Perfect for quick pulls and straightening of small and medium-size damage, the Micro B is the most economic Autorobot collision repair system. Small shops favour its modest footprint and flexibility, while larger shops find it indispensable for quick pulls when large racks are tied up. The Micro B is designed to mount vehicles with pinch welds, although special fasteners available as accessories enable fastening of full-frame vehicles and those without pinch welds. Micro B’s multifunctional, telescopic pulling tower turns 200 degrees around its fastening point, making work on both sides of the vehicle fast and efficient.

Autorobot Micro B

Technical information
Maximum vehicle weight 2720 kg / 6000 lbs
Pulling force Approx. 10 tons
Required Power Air pressure
Required floor space 4 x 5.5 m / 13.1 x 18.0 ft
Weight (approx.) 380 kg / 840 lbs

Autorobot Micro is perfect as a turnkey system for small to mid-size body shops and as an additional bench in larger shops. The pulling tower and Micro B chassis fasteners integrate with Autorobot XLS+, providing an economical system expansion.