Autorobot C2 Quick lift/bench represents a new generation of collision repair systems by working both as a lift and as multifunctional car body bench. Autorobot C2 is a great combination of versatile using capabilities, speed and work ergonomics.

NOTICE: Some photos/product information may differ from the actual product.

Autorobot C2

Technical information
Straightening table length 3400-4500 mm (11.5 -14.8 ft)
Straightening table width 1070 mm (3.5 ft)
Gross weight 1400 kg (3100 lb)
Lifting height 140-1700 mm (0.45-5.5 ft)
Pulling force 10 t (22000 lb)
Pneumatic pressure range 8 bar
Post working range 360°
Max. lifting weight 2500 kg (5500 lb)

Autorobot C2 collision repair system has versatile straightening and lifting features. It is made for straightening of small and middle size damages and for the repairs that need a lift. Autorobot C2 is suitable for small and big body shops including dealer and private body shops.

Roles of Autorobot C2 in body shop work:

  • Disassembling vehicle parts before collision repair
  • Straightening of damages, 10t power
  • Assembling work after painting
  • Other normal repair jobs just as with any car post lifts
  • Lifting vehicles on wheels like with any drive-on car lift
  • Lifting vehicles on lift pads under the car frame

Autorobot C2 – Quick and easy fastening

Vehicle fastening is easy at the height of ideal 1,2 m. The work phases of the fastening have been minimized by using ready-to-use beams (AV).

The fastening from the upper part of the rocker panel is a quick new way to fasten the vehicle onto bench. The time saving is remarkable when dealing with vehicles without the pinch weld and with the ones that have pinch weld under plastic covers.