The Autorobot B10 is very multifunctional collision repair system. Incorporating drive-on ramps, a scissor lift, super-quick vehicle fastening, a versatile pulling tower, ease of operation and economical expandability, the B10 can’t be beaten by comparably priced systems. The innovative design allows easy reach to vehicle underside for collision repair, measuring, service and repair work. The whole system can also be easily moved to another area of the shop in minutes. Autorobot B10 was formerly known as Autorobot XLS++ (successor of XLS+).

NOTICE: Some photos/product information may differ from the actual product.

Autorobot B10

Technical information
Lifting capacity 3000 kg / 6600 lbs
Lifting height 1.5 m / 4.9 ft
Pulling force Approx. 10 tons
Maximum vehicle length 5.5m / 18 ft
Required Power Air pressure
Required floor space 4.5 x 7m / 14.8 x 23 ft (with drive-on ramps attached)
Weight (approx.) 1000 kg / 2200 lbs

Autorobot B10 collision repair system is a master of versatility and adaptability. Many features make this model perfect for busy body shops: the quickness of mounting vehicles, the bench’s open design allowing easy accessibility to the chassis and its double-duty function as a vehicle lift. Simply adding one or more basic straightening beds to the B10 system economically creates additional working bays. The same drive-on ramps, straightening towers and support equipment are then interchangeable between bays to cost-effectively increase the number of collision repair machines in the shop.