Autorobot B5 – Expandable basic collision repair system

Autorobot Finland has developed a new, favourably priced collision repair system called Autorobot B5. This new machine belongs to Autorobot B series modular system that gives the body shop a great and easy way to upgrade/expand the system according to the growing needs of the repair volumes, staff and productivity.

With Autorobot B5 collision repair machine you can handle all passenger cars, SUVs and vans. The mounting of vehicles without the pinch weld happens with patented Star/Starblock fasteners.

Autorobot B5 collision repair system includes standard Autorobot straightening bed with quick sill clamps offering the quickest vehicle mounting available in the market. Additionally, B5 uses the already familiar straightening tower, which gives speed and working comfort to straightening. In our tests we have found the durability of special aluminium tower better than the metal one. Autorobot B5 can be made longer by using telescope structure extension beams, which give a long structure to the straightening bench allowing the bench to work perfectly also in very demanding straightening work like changing/straightening the entire roof or frame structures.

Autorobot B5

Technical information
Lifting capacity 2000 / 3000 kg, 4400 / 6600 lbs
Lifting height 0.75 m / 2.5 ft
Pulling force Approx. 10 tons
Maximum vehicle length 5.5m / 18 ft
Required Power Air pressure
Required floor space 4.5 x 7m / 14.8 x 23 ft (with drive-on ramps attached)
Weight (approx.) 880 kg / 1900 lbs

A great straightening speed and high quality of work is achieved with a straightening tower that is adjustable for sideways straightening of the vehicle just in a few seconds. 300MC Mechanical / Digi tram gauge (B5 A and B5 A+ Set) that includes 3D vehicle measuring database makes the straightening work and achieving the best final result easier.