Autorobot – Hand measuring tools

Digi-Tram – Digital measuring tram gauge:

Autorobot Digi-Tram digital measuring tram gauge is excellent for exact verification of vehicle chassis and body condition, for repair and damage documentation. Digital measuring gauge makes repair quick and economical. Measuring is supported by Autorobot’s own very comprehensive vehicle data files (approximately 60 reference points per vehicle).

Digital measuring tram is suitable for measuring passenger vehicles, cross country vehicles and vans, and it’s most essential purpose is to serve body shop diagnostics and structural vehicle repair. Easily portable with the carry case, it is easy to move around.

300MC/E Autorobot Digi-Tram
1 Measuring tram, digital, 1.2 m
2 Tram extension, 0.7 m
3 Tram extension, 0.9 m
4 Measuring rod extension, 100 mm
5 Measuring instrument set
6 Autorobot Datasheet Suite DVD-ROM
7 Charger
8 Carry case